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Van Gogh Museum, Rijks Museum & Walking Tour

Starting at €490 | 7 Hours | Discover the Heritage of Amsterdam & Admire World-Famous Masterpieces

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1 Person (Ages 7+)
2 People (Ages 7+)
3 People (Ages 7+)
4 People (Ages 7+)
5 People (Ages 7+)
6 People (Ages 7+)

Enjoy popular Amsterdam Museums on a guided tour

During this private tour your certified guide will introduce you to Amsterdam’s rich history, culture and traditions of over 800 years. How did the Golden Age influence urban development in Amsterdam and why does the UNESCO Heritage Canal Belt exist. You’ll see many amazing views and interesting sights, in and outside of the historic city centre. This tour includes a visit to both the Rijks Museum and the Van Gogh Museum. We welcome you to join us for a private tour through of both museums. We will teach you about the masterpieces, show you their brilliance and highlight remarkable details.

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