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Amsterdam City & Countryside

City and Countryside Tour in One Day

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Group of 1-2 People
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Visit Amsterdam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

This is a mixed tour between Amsterdam and the countryside tour, visiting two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one day, the perfect tour if you want to have an overall experience of this beautiful part of the Netherlands. This tour is a good combination of the exhilarating energy of the city and the tranquil atmosphere of the country.

City tour

In a few hours, we will show you the highlights of the city of Amsterdam. Of course, we’ll start by driving through the famous Canal Belt, added as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010.

Learn how the Golden Age influenced urban development in Amsterdam and how Amsterdam became so rich and artistically famous. We will show you countless interesting sights, amazing views inside and outside the historic city center.

Countryside Tour

After this, we will continue on and show you another UNESCO World Heritage site, a typical Dutch polder called the Beemster which was the first ever reclaimed polder in the country.

During a stroll over the ring dike, you have a perfect view of the extraordinary structure of the polder and the enormous difference in water level with the surrounding area.

Learn why the windmills were built and see how they work and enter a working 17th-century windmill for a tour of its mechanisms and living quarters.

We will drive through typical 17th-century polder villages, like Midden Beemster, the Rijp, and Graft and stroll through the cozy historic centers. Walk across old draw bridges and pass a lock that saved the town from flooding.

During the tour, you will learn a lot about the interesting history of the Netherlands and that of Europe; who influenced who, and which country was in charge.

In the countryside, you really can experience how the people in the Netherlands (and Europe) lived in the 17th century. We feel great admiration for our past generation who needed to work hard to survive and did not have the choices and wealth like we experience today.

After this inspiring journey, we are happy to drop you off at your hotel, Schiphol airport or boat pier.